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penis enlargement pill you should know the following 5 things

penis enlargement pill you should know the following 5 things

You shoud know about penis enlargement pill. it’s pro and cons.


The most important of all the things you should be knowing about the penis enlargement pill is its ingredients. Ingredients are the soul of any herbal product. If the ingredients are not good enough, no matter how loudly someone shouts about its efficacy be prepared to get zero result. All the companies now a days list their ingredients on the label / website. You should check each and Evey ingredient. If you have no idea about something do a Google search and research it. This may seem like a burden to you but the extra effort you do in this way is going to pay off with a huge benefit in future. It also saves you from future disappointment. Roxanel contains only best quality ingredients which have been collected according to collections process describe in samhita.

Company Reliability:

Once you are sure about the ingredients, next you need to check is the reliability of the company that is selling this product (or more importantly manufacturing the product). Even if the ingredients shown on the label / website are good there are chances that a bad company / unrepresented / unknown company will not use the highest quality ingredients to maximize profits. Bear in mind that ayurvedic ingredients have a lot of quality / standards and the rates vary with a huge margin between the good and the bad quality of the same ingredients. A good reputed company that has been there for years with a good track record is more likely to maintain higher quality that one which has no roots / track record.

Side Effects:

Many herbal penis enlargement pills and products have adverse side effects on your health. This is sometimes due to improper quality control or hygiene or adulteration in the ingredients. Search for reviews from people who have used the product. If you find many negative / bad reviews about a product its better drop it from your probable list of pills to buy. Roxanel has no side effects and that’s why it is no.1 penis enlargement pill in India.

Doctor Approved:

See if the product you are buying is doctor approved or not? Just like any other thing you need a coach, a guide and an expert to guide you through the way. Having a doctor’s approval is going to give you a much more peace of mind.


Last but not least “a good end result” is actually what you are looking for. This is again something which every other company / product shouts for. No body is going to tell you a fairer idea about the efficacy, safety and result of a penis enlargement pill than someone who has used it himself. See if the site has some customer reviews or not. Also try to gather testimonials from other sources than the manufacturers official website. This will give you a fair idea.



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